If you’re like most companies, you order letterhead, business cards, promotional items, brochures and tons of other things that are used to help support your business and your brand. Blue Ocean Press has a solution that will streamline the ordering of all of your marketing products. Customize a company store with fulfillment options that will make your operation more efficient and reduce the amount of employee interaction in the ordering and distributing promotional products process. This may not be your core competency, let us do it for you. Being that each and every fulfillment account is completely custom, we offer a wide range of options and products. For example:

* Corporate decides which products to place on your own company store. You can put 20 or 20,000 products online. It’s completely custom and no business is too large or too small to customize a company store full of products.

* You can let one person or multiple people become Administrators to place the orders OR you can allow a general login and any employee can log on to place custom orders to meet their needs.

* Works like a charm for companies who do a lot of tradeshows. We print everything in bulk, store in our fulfillment center and reps can sign into website and request brochures, tradeshow items, promotional products and anything else that corporate allows them to purchase for the sake of the tradeshow. We pick it from inventory, pack it up and ship it directly to the rep or the tradeshow location.

* Excellent for companies who have many employees. Employees can sign in and create their own business cards, letterhead, etc. within the parameters created by Corporate. We pick, pack and ship the items out to each and every location/department.

* Run reports, view user budgets and view inventories online from anywhere in the world.
Basically, you can produce, store and manage with our inventory system. The system allows you to check on your inventories in real time. You’ll know when it’s time to place another order for brochures or pens. The system completely streamlines your marketing products operation and can save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Call us today for a free consultation to learn more about creating a company store and streamlining your marketing product operation with Blue Ocean Press. 888.799.BLUE (2583)